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$20 will give a child their christmas party, dinner, and presents!

Please help bring Christmas to a young child this year! 100% of all proceeds go towards these children.

- Currently up to 120 children are fed on Saturday's with the generosity of the Goodfellow Farms in Nassau. We are looking to make this fully sustainable by seeking other food outlets/restaurants/caterers to provide a catering service on ONE saturday a month, just 12 services a year. Could this be you? Can you provide 120 children with one hot meal on one Saturday each month? Some children say this is their only meal all weekend.

- Currently education and reading classes are provided by teachers and students volunteer from Lyford Cay International School at the weekends. We are always looking for more volunteers and support, could this be you?

Have you access to any used books, old computer equipment, stationary, art equipment, or educational tools?

Do you know any schools that maybe updating their books? We would love to get copies of the same books to read with the class.

- The pictures on the left show the backyard of the Bahamas Great Commission Ministries. We are looking to completely transform the backyard for the children. We are looking to provide a graveled sheltered and covered eating area with picnic benches which can also be used as an area for education, a safe and clean play area for all kids, a basketball play area, a storage facility for used equipment, and a shower area for the homeless to wash and receive clean clothes. Could you help support ths with your time or financial donation?

Please contact Dean at playlightlove@gmail.com for any more information.

The Christmas Project - Bahamas Dec 2016

​This year we are bringing Christmas to over 100 children from the Great Commission Ministries in Bahamas. Many of these children were badly affected by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, and weeks after they are still left without power, unable to return to their homes that were left without roofs or bad structural damage. We are busing all the children along and hosting a fun filled christmas party for over a 100 kids at the Goodfellows Farm in Nassau surrounded by Parrots, Horses, Chickens, Cat's and Dog's! In proper Caribbean Christmas party style we will have wonderful christmas decorations, christmas dinner, games, music, and of course Santa Clause, Elves, and Presents. 

Bahamas Great Commission Ministries International,

Nassau, Bahamas 2016

Bahamas Great Commission MISSION:

“To become a global movement of reconciliation, restoration and hope for persons affected by poverty, crime, drug abuse and broken relationships.”

Bahamas Great Commission Ministries International is situated in one of the poorest inland areas in Nassau, Bahamas.

The Great Commission provides a manor of services for those in need helping provide hope and inspiration.

Play Light Love is supporting three amazing phases going on with the Bahamas Great Commission Ministries International.

1 - Feeding the children on saturdays.

2 - Providing education and reading.

3 - Backyard Clean-Up and Transformation.

APJ is spreading light and providing education to nearly 3000 Haitian students.

Over 75% of youth in Haiti cannot read or write. Only 50% attend primary school and from there, only 20% go on to secondary school. Only 1 out of 100 children in Haiti has the chance to attend college.

OVER 80%  of Haitian youth drop out of school after 6th grade because they can't afford to continue their education.

AJP is fighting all these statistics and providing a safe and amazing source for education in Haiti.

Please support their cause now and change lives forever!

My Fathers House Orphanage in Haiti needs as much support as we can give. Now with two different locations, My Fathers House gives shelter and education to children displaced after the devastating earthquake in 2010 that left hundreds of thousands of children and adults without a home.

Whether it's supplies, education support, or a financial donation, your help will forever be greatly appreciated to help shape a brighter future!

Academy for Peace and Justice, Haiti

My Fathers Orphanage, Haiti

Spreading Light and Love through PLAY!

Play Light Love

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